Solid experience

Euro Porfidi was founded in 1977 and still has a long and solid experience in the extraction and processing of Trentino Porphyry and selected natural stones.

A far-sighted vision

The brilliant and innovative vision of its second-generation has allowed Euro Porfidi and its specialized teams of installers to be known both in Italy and abroad.

A leap in quality

The constant collaboration with famous designers resulted in a leap in quality in the processing and laying of Porphyry, which is also used in the fields of interior design and street furniture.

Porphyry, the stone of Pharaons and Emperors

Until not later than 500 d.C., Porphyry was almost exclusively mined from quarries located in the Egyptian desert and, due to its hardness and bright red colour (its name comes from the Latin word lapis porphyrite), was a symbol of prestige and royal dignity. It was used by the most ancient civilizations (such as Assyrian-Babylonian, Egyptians, Etruscans, and Romans) in the construction of monuments, tombs, sarcophagi, and palaces of Pharaohs and Emperors.

Dante mentions it in the Divine Comedy as part of the stairway leading to the mountain of Purgatory: "The third, resting above more massively, appeared to me to be of porphyry, as flaming red as the blood that spurts from veins".

During the Renaissance, Giorgio Vasari (in "Dell’ Architettura") talked about its hardness, which put the tools of all contemporary sculptors such as Leon Battista Alberti and Michelangelo Buonarroti, to a hard test.


Porphyry, a versatile contemporary stone

As early as 1500, Trentino Porphyry, thanks to its highly resistant properties, was widely used as a building stone and roof covering for buildings and also in the construction of external and internal flooring. Starting in the late 1800s, with the opening of the first quarries in the province of Bolzano, the first cubed floorings began to be laid.

In the Seventies, there was a great development of mining and manufacturing activities, and the introduction of more and more modern machinery made it possible to use Porphyry in the construction of architectural and furnishing elements: kitchen tops, sinks, window sills, stairs, pillars, and coverings.

The porphyry is also broken and sifted to produce granulates, gravel, stabilized materials, and porphyry pebbles. This process lets to use the waste resulting from different other processes, thus reducing the environmental impact.


Our quarries and the mining activity

Our quarries are in Val di Cembra, in Cembra and Albiano. Our Porphyry stands out for its red-brown autumnal colour, its different sizes, and the excellent physical-mechanical features.

The knowledge on Trentino Porphyry gained during the years by our company is rooted in the untiring work of our staff involved in the mining activity. The expertise of our stonemasons, the scrupulous monitoring of any processing phase, and the attention to technological innovations related to architecture and contemporary design are the basis of our work.



Our quarries comply with the environmental regulations of the province of Trento (provincial law 24/10/2006, n.7). We have a strong focus on the environment, by implementing continuous monitoring of the mining activity and keeping the maximum attention to the respect for our staff who works there, and which resides near quarries and laboratories.

Our production of porphyry complies with the standards required by "FULKRO" and "KERN". All our products are in line with the CE standards and meet the health and safety requirements of the Community directives and regulations.

Our products are CE marked according to the following standards:


Marchio KERN®

The KERN® trademark is synonymous with strength, durability, aesthetics and ease of laying and makes it possible to immediately recognise high-quality Trentino Porphyry.

In order to avoid natural flaking, the porphyry blocks are split by hand and the rough slabs are carefully selected. During the various processing stages, constant spot checks are carried out to ensure excellent products.


FULKRO® trademark

The FULKRO® trademark represents a selected group of companies dedicated to the quarrying, processing and marketing of Trentino Porphyry and natural stone, whose sector of use ranges from private buildings to large-scale infrastructure works.

The companies adhering to the FULKRO® trademark sign a specific protocol and undertake to guarantee the following objective:

  • Quality, compliance and environmental sustainability of products

  • Anti-corruption and transparency

  • Health and safety at work

  • Staff training

  • Customer assistance and service efficiency

  • Consumption and energy efficiency


Headquarters and branch

Sega di Cavaion (VR)
Civezzano (TN)

Our quarries

Albiano (TN)
Cembra (TN)
Predazzo (TN)