Trentino Porphyry with natural surface


Dimension (cm)
Dimension (cm)
Thickness (cm)
Thickness (cm)
Weight (kg/m2)
Weight (kg/m2)
Recommended intended use
Intended use recommended
Useful thicknesses for laying (cm)
Thicknesses for laying (cm)
4-64-6ca. 100pedestrian, light vehicle9 to 10
tozzetto 6-84-6ca. 100pedestrian, light vehicle9 to 10
6-85,5-8ca. 135light mixed vehicular12 to 14
tozzetto 8-105,5-8ca. 135light mixed vehicular12 to 14
8-107,5-11ca. 180heavy vehicular15 to 17
10-1210-13ca. 220heavy vehicular18 to 20
12-1412-15ca. 280heavy vehicle, street furniture20 to 22
14-1814-20ca. 330heavy vehicle, street furniture23 to 25
8x8 and 10x105,5-8 o 7,5-11variable according to the thickness
Setts feature natural surfaces and split edges. They are available in different sizes and colours and are resistant and suitable for heavy vehicular traffic and considerable variations in altitude. They are excellent for paving streets, squares, arcades, pedestrian areas, sidewalks, and avenues. The paving can feature alternating contrasting arches, peacock tail, parallel rows, concentric circles, or even customizable patterns.