Trentino Porphyry with natural surface

Palladiana / Opus incertum

TypologyThickness (cm)Weight (kg/m2)Recommended intended useUseful thicknesses for laying (cm)m2/pallet
thin1-355-60pedestrian, facing6 to 7ca. 28
normal2-575-80pedestrian, cladding, light vehicular9 to 10ca. 20
giant / thin2-465-75pedestrian, cladding, light vehicular9 to 10ca. 18
giant3-7100-105pedestrian, cladding, light vehicular10 to 12ca. 15
extra giant3-7ca. 115pedestrian10 to 12ca. 12
This versatile type of flooring features a natural surface and is available in different formats and colours (mixed colours, autumn red mix, grey mix). While it is affordable once laid by our qualified teams, it enhances any environment.